Welcome to Mentality. 

Croeso i Mentality. 

Our mission is to redefine what it means to be strong in the world of sport.

We aim to do this by creating a recognisable clothing brand that combines the power of sport with a strong community of likeminded people, driven to start a conversation and challenge existing perceptions of mental health.

We're aware from our own experiences in sport that it can at times be a complicated place to navigate your mental health. Showing any form of emotion can be viewed as a sign of weakness. Showing emotion is not weak, it is the most powerful thing we can do as humans; to be able to open up and to be honest with those around us is a sign of great strength and something worth celebrating, not criticising or humiliating. 

With every purchase from Mentality, a portion of our proceeds goes directly to the fantastic charity Mind UK, as well as initiatives focused on supporting mental health and sporting communities. By wearing our clothing, you start a conversation, you show people that it's ok to open up, you become an important ally for those currently struggling and you show that you're passionate about breaking stigma surrounding mental health. You become an active catalyst for change.

Our collection features stylish and performance-driven designs, with empowering messages, motivational quotes, and symbols that embody the spirit of resilience and self-care. Each piece is crafted to inspire athletes, teams, coaches and fans to prioritise their mental health and unleash their full potential on and off the field.

So join us on this empowering journey to champion a positive outlook on mental health in sports. Together, let's redefine the game, prioritise mental health, and create a sports culture where everyone thrives. Let's challenge existing paradigms and foster a culture where mental health is celebrated, supported, and woven seamlessly into the fabric of sports.

A winning 'Mentality' starts from within.

Thank you.
Calum & Luke